Here’s what you’ll get with each copy of The God Frequency program:

The God Frequency Binaural Beat (MP3)

Plus 1 Exclusive Binaural Beat targeted in the area of Love (MP3)!

Each of the tracks are blended with The God Frequency and high-quality, real nature sounds for a truly unique and immersive listening experience.

The God Frequency Binaural Beat

The God Frequency Binaural Beat is a shortcut to balancing your brain at the exact frequency you need to manifest God’s blessings. You simply pop in a set of earbuds, listen to The God Frequency Binaural Beat 15 minutes a day for 3 weeks and you will “manifest” the blessings that Jesus talked about – just that simple.

Bonus Track: The Love Frequency Binaural Beat

If you’ve ever been through failed relationships then your brain starts to subliminally program itself for defence, blaming yourself all the failures and putting up a wall around your emotion. The Love Frequency Binaural Beat will help your brain get past those nasty emotional scars. You can listen to this track any time you want!

Success Loves Speed

The God Frequency program is designed for maximum convenience and for you to get started right-away.

So, the full program is delivered over the internet. Nothing is shipped. There are no waiting days (or weeks) for any postal delivery. And no shipping charges or shipment delays.